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  • Every safe has its own unique safe code
  • The fascia, made of polycarbonate material, can be wiped clean without damaging theelectronics
  • Feather -touch keypad
  • Your guest can set a 4 to 8 digit password of his/her convenience
  • After consecutively punching in a wrong password three times, the keypad freezes for a period of 5 minutes.
  • If the intruder presses the keys during the auto freeze time, the safe goes into a lockout mode for another 5 minutes.
  • Every safe is provided with a mechanical override that helps the hotel management open the safe with the help of a key.
  • This unit helps the hotel administrative staff check the status of different safes, run the audit trail check, open/close the safe etc.
  • The several customization options available with the Protector are designed to suit your requirements.


  • Dimensions: Ext: H x W x D mm: 200 x 420x 370/Int:178 x 416 x 314
  • Net Weight (kg) : 12.5
  • Volume (lts): 23.25




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