Fire Resistant Record Cabinet



  •  Recorded protection a new dimension : Godrej has designed its Fire Resisting Record Cabinet (FRRC) to provide valuable fire protection and adequate storage space to keep the bulkiest of ledgers, box files, unwieldy bound reports and other vital documents safely and conveniently.
  • Solid construction for structural strength : The Godrej FRRC has a sturdy double-walled body, reinforced at vital points, and door of multibend construction fabricated from prime quality steel.
  • In-situ insulation for reliable fire resistance : The Godrej FRRC has a highly efficient insulation of a special fire resisting compound, which is solid and stable, and poured in-situ between the two walls of the body and the door giving it a 75mm (2.94″) thick wrap-around protection against fire.
  • Tongue-and-groove construction : The door has a specially designed tongue-and­ groove construction which creates a diversion in the passage of flames and hot gases, preventing them from entering the cabinet
  • Independently tested for performance : The Godrej FRRC has successfully withstood severe fire and impact tests conducted at the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh, India – the only accredited institute of its kind in India for carrying out such tests. The fire ­impact test involved heating the FRRC in a furnace to 1010°C (1800°F), dropping it from a height of 4 metres and subsequently heating it again in an inverted position to 1010°C (1800°F). The fire endurance test involved heating the FRRC in a furnace at a standard time temperature curve for two hours while constantly monitoring the temperature inside. During this test, the inside temperature remained well below 177°C (350°F), the temperature at which paper begins to char.
  • Secure locking : The door of the Godrej FRRC is secured by a strong bolt-work mechanism which, by the turn of a handle, throws a total of 8 bolts into the body in all four directions. The bolt work in this position is locked by a Godrej 6-lever dual-control lock. Stainless steel keys are provided in duplicate.
  • Attractive finish for elegant looks : The Godrej FRRC comes with an attractive charbrown colour in stipple finish that complements any decor. Additionally, it is provided with an off-white painted panel and chromium plated brass handle. A superior anti-rust pre­treatment and oven-baking process provides lifelong durability.
  • Cost-effective storage capacity : The Godrej FRRC has a net effective storage volume of 640 litres (22 cubic feet)
Fire Resistant Record Cabinet




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