Data Safe

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  • Computer Grey, Polyurethane (PU) paint
  • Available in various sizes – 10ltrs, 53ltrs, 90ltrs, & 370ltrs
  • Protects from fire, dust, heat, moisture, magnetic fields, electrostatics and accidental damage
  • Designed to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degree C for over an hour
  • Average Internal temperature below 30 degrees C after 60 minutes of testing in furnace
  • Average internal temperature below 44 degree C after a 6-hour soak out period
  • Adjustable shelves and pull out trays are available optionally
  • Dataline (M) can also be provided with lockers


Related Information

Dataline-M, introduced by Godrej, has a cabinet ­inside-a-cabinet type of construction in which the external shell is Fire Resistant. The inner shell has resilient packing all around its periphery, that seals the door of the inner shell against the body of the inner shell. A strong shooting bolt, tongue-and­ groove construction and Godrej dual central locks complete the picture.

Dataline-M Data Cabinet has proven its mettle under the most stringent examination conducted at C.B.R.I. Roorkee. It has also been tested for Fire Endurance and Fire & Impact. Dataline-M is the only C.B.R.I. certified product for data storage (floppies, cartridges and CDs) in that size range in India.


The Data-cabinet comes with accessories that include;

  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • Locker cabinets and Flap door compartments
  • Unlockable pull-out trays & lockable pull-out drawer units
  • Single and double row wire partition for storage of tape reels
  • Optional combination lock

A combination of any or all of the above, wherever possible, can be made available. 4 adjustable shelves comes as part of standard equipment. The other accessories are optional and can be provided at an extra cost.

Specifications : All weights and sizes are approximate. Tolerances – Weight ± 5%. Dimensions: ± 1% The above capacities are guides only. A mix of floppy disks, diskettes, cartridges, tape reels, microfilms or hard disks can be stored.



Banks, Private Safe Deposit Vaults, Financial Institutions, Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Petrochemical Industries, Brokers, Jewellers, Hotels and Hospitals.


Locking system

Two 10- lever high security Godrej Cylindrical Locks.
Snap shut mechanism.



Certified at CBRI Roorkee for Data protection as per IS: 14562 for 1 hour. Fire endurance and 1 hr. Fire & Impact Test.
Designed as per UL-72 Class 125 specifications for 1-hour rating.



Data Safe




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