Single Bodied Depository Safe

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The Godrej Depository Safes are ideal for depositing cash into a Safe either through a Hopper or through a Drawer.

The Depository Cabinets come in two varieties, viz.

D’Cab’1: A Depository with 1 Hopper and a Safe underneath. D’Cab-I is a popular model for operators who normally do not have to work with petty cash and only have collections to handle. Such places could be Petrol Pumps, Toll Gates, etc. These products are ideal for Day operations where a lot of cash needs to be handled and periodically dropped into a Safe. The person handling cash usually transacts and keeps dropping the excess cash into the Safe, which is normally kept locked during the day.

D’Cab II : A Depository with two drawers and a Safe underneath. The first drawer is for keeping loose petty cash. The second drawer basically functions as a hopper through which cash is dropped into the Safe underneath. These types of Depositories are ideal for Banks, wherein the D-Cabs can be fitted under the counter. The Teller of the Bank could keep his petty cash in the first drawer. The second drawer could be used as Depository for dropping cash into the Safe.


A 2.5 mm multi-bend body that is fully welded and fitted with a Godrej Dual Controlled Precision 6-L Lock

A 5 mm thick door

Undergoes a seven step Anti-corrosion treatment that inhibits corrosion and increases scratch resistance

An attractive Two Tone Powder Coated finish

Active Shooting Bolts on the front side and the rear door edge acts as a continuous bolt on the rear side



Single Bodied Depository Safe


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